Being charged with a crime is a difficult and painful experience. Handling the aftermath by yourself is a nightmare. With a free consultation from the criminal defense lawyers at Mertes Law, you will soon know whether there is a viable defense for your case as well as the range of possible outcomes, from a dismissal to plea agreement or trial.

Your Boulder criminal defense attorneys at Mertes Law handle all variety of municipal, state, and federal criminal offense charges including traffic violations, assaults, sex assaults, drug law violations, harassment, homicide, and gun and weapon matters.

As former prosecutors, the criminal defense lawyers at Mertes Law are experienced in handling drug forfeiture cases as well as petitions to seal criminal justice records.


A driving under the influence (DUI or DWAI) conviction has a long-lasting impact on your driver’s license, the affordability and availability of auto insurance, as well as leaving a permanent mark on your publicly-available criminal and DMV history.  Having an experienced Boulder DUI lawyer in your corner increases the possibility of a better outcome when you are struggling to save your driving privilege or fighting charges that have been brought despite violations of your constitutional rights or mistakes made in the investigation of your case.

It is critical that you call for assistance from a Boulder DUI lawyer immediately when you’ve been arrested for a DUI or DWAI.  Your right to contest a driver’s license suspension often depends upon knowing your rights and being able to ask for a hearing from the DMV within seven days of your arrest.  Don’t miss an opportunity for a better outcome to a bad situation. Get a free consultation with an experienced DUI attorney at Mertes Law.


Any criminal offense which involves an alleged victim with whom you’ve had, or are having, an intimate relationship will be designated as a domestic violence (DV) crime in Colorado.  Because of the unique bond restrictions placed upon those arrested for a DV offense, the decision of many prosecutors to “fast-track” DV cases through the court system, and the penalties associated with conviction of a DV-related crime, it is crucially important that you know the lay of the land from an experienced Boulder domestic violence lawyer when charged with a criminal offense that is tagged as a DV offense.

Not being fully informed and provided with a competent defense by an experienced domestic violence attorney can have far-reaching consequences in a DV case. Do you have weapons for self-protection and home defense?  Colorado law requires that guns, rifles, and ammunition be surrendered when you are charged with a DV offense. And your Second Amendment rights can be permanently imperiled by a DV conviction.

Other areas of concern that need to be discussed and strategized with your Boulder domestic violence attorney include bond restrictions that include exclusions on where you live, limitations on contact with your spouse or significant other, supervised retrieval of your belongings after being barred from a home that you shared with the alleged victim, and common post-arrest restrictions on seeing and parenting children.


If you are a student or employee in a college or university setting and you’ve been notified that a complaint has been made against you by another student or member of the campus community which involves sexual assault or harassment, you will soon be dealing with a group of investigators who operate under the acronym of OIEC, the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance. The OIEC is charged with enforcing provisions of Title IX, the federal law that requires schools receiving federal funding to prevent and address issues regarding sexual misconduct/harassment in campus-related matters.

Please know that there is danger ahead anytime you have an OIEC complaint pending. And it is pivotally important to have an experienced Boulder OIEC Defense Lawyer assisting you with your case, particularly since OIEC matters are often referred to law enforcement agencies and that referral may result in criminal charges being brought against you for the same conduct under review by the OIEC.

A timely investigation led by your OIEC defense team is a pressing part of establishing and proving favorable facts since most OIEC investigative teams do not record their interviews or make the statements of your alleged victim and witnesses available to you until much later, if ever (and then typically in a redacted format).  With due process in short supply in OIEC matters, it is all-important that you have an experienced team on your side.

The OIEC Defense Lawyers at Mertes Law also handle Colorado student school district conduct complaints across the Front Range, including those involving assault and sexual conduct matters.


When your personal injury claim is handled by a Mertes Law personal injury lawyer, you will receive the attention you deserve from a car accident attorney who has successfully negotiated and tried personal injury cases in cases across the Front Range of Colorado.

It is of urgent importance to have your injury case assessed as early as possible by a Boulder personal injury attorney who deals with insurance companies every day and who understands that you’d like to be the way you were before somebody’s negligence left you with endless visits to doctors, crippling pain, a diminished enjoyment of life, stacks of medical bills, or simply a hole in your life.

Having an experienced Boulder personal injury lawyer on your case means having somebody who will fight to get your vehicle fixed the right way and who will get you compensated for your car rental or loss of use.  It also means that when your life has changed because of brain or spinal injury, or your limbs no longer function the way that they should, or any other problem arises that was caused by the negligence of another person, you have someone who is willing to fight for reimbursement of your bills, who can organize insurance claims or find care where there is no insurance to cover bills upfront, and who can take your case to trial if fair compensation isn’t offered for the loss you’ve suffered.

Mertes Law is the choice for someone who has suffered a serious injury or experienced the wrongful death of a loved one and needs the assistance, advice, and help of a Boulder personal injury lawyer to achieve justice in the aftermath of a car, bicycle, or truck accident.

Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

You have an absolute right to remain silent and be represented by a competent criminal defense lawyer when involved in any criminal investigation.

Domestic Violence

Don’t wait another moment to discover what your rights and options are as you navigate through Colorado’s domestic violence laws.

Personal Injury

An experienced personal injury law firm does more than just recover damages for your personal injury or wrongful death claim.


Careful scrutiny of why you were stopped, including whether all the legal requirements for a checkpoint if such a program was in place, is an important key to a successful defense to a DUI charge.

“We are dedicated to providing a strong, creative and competent defense to those accused of a crime, and to serve as an advocate for anyone whose life has been disrupted by personal injury and pain or whose loved one has been taken in an accident, through no fault of their own.”

Larry Mertes,
former Boulder County Deputy District Attorney

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