mertes-law-arrestWhile you may expect that almost everything that occurred when you were stopped and suffered a DUI arrest will be included in a DUI report prepared by the officer, the reality is that most officers on most DUI arrests write down only what they think is necessary to justify your arrest and conviction.

This is why it is important to write down your own summary of recollections and observations about what was said and what occurred while your memory is still fresh. What’s missing from the official DUI case report but recalled and documented by you can be critical to a successful defense of a DUI charge. Did the officer struggle getting the breath test equipment to work? Did you consent to performing roadside tests? Were you having difficulties during roadside tests because of footwear, where the tests were performed, or because of how you were situated by the officer, for example facing a police vehicle light bar?

The more information you provide your DUI attorney to work with the greater likelihood of success.